A Summer Cooler

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Hello Everyone,

Since it is the middle of summer, I want to tell you about New Age White, an incredibly refreshing blend of 90% Torrontés and 10% Sauvignon Blanc.  It is a product of Valentin Bianchi from Mendoza, Argentina.

This light, yellow-green wine begins with floral, peach, and tropical aromas which deliver a slightly sweet taste of the same on the palate.  The acidity and light effervescence only enhance the already enjoyable nature of the wine.  New Age White is low in alcohol, as well, at 9% ABV.  Best of all, its retail price of $8.99 per bottle makes it an undeniable bargain!

While New Age White is great on its own, it also lends itself well to numerous wine-cooleresque cocktails.  The one that I like most is the New Age Tincho.  Add ice and one bottle of New Age White to a pitcher, along with six sliced limes.  Stir the mixture and refrigerate it for about ten minutes in order to allow the lime juice to blend with the wine.  What you will have is a delicious, low-alcohol drink that is reminiscent of a margarita.  My advice is to buy several bottles at once in order to save yourself the extra trip back to O’Bryan’s after you take the first sip!

I hope that your summer is going well.  Adiós for now!Frank