The taste of perfection?

The wine rating system has been dictating how the wine industry works in more ways than one.  If a wine scores 90 points on a 100 point scale, instead of scoring 89 points, can mean the difference of a winery selling out that 90 point vintage within minutes. It’s surprising that just a one point difference, can make or break a winery.  In the grand scheme of things, a higher score can make the wine cost more and harder to find.  We use the point system as a tool to help us make an educated guess if a wine is worthy by an “experienced” palate.  Most famously, Robert Parker, has really instilled the point system into what it is today.  Wineries are even known to change their style of wine, to fit the palate of Robert Parker to receive the higher scores.  With this being said, O’Bryan’s Wines and Spirits just received Alvear Pedro Ximenez De Anada 2011, boasting the famed 100 PT score from Robert Parker himself.  At $29.99, this is a true rarity for the price.  Limit 1 bottle per customer.

 Cheers, Daniel Schmerr